Dominican Republic stage actors


Some Birthdays
1. Hendy Cowan ( age: 75 )
Hendy John Cowan is a former Australian politician who served in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly as the Member for Merredin-Yilgarn from 30 March 1974 and the Member for Merredin from 19 February 1977. He represented his electorate for a
2. Hitoshi Ashinano ( age: 55 ) ( mangaka )
is a Japanese manga artist. He is most noted for Yokohama Kaidashi KikĊ, for which he won Afternoon magazine's Four Seasons Award for debut works and the 2007 Seiun Award for Best Science Fiction Manga. Another notable work is PositioN. He has al
3. Ion Oncescu ( age: 40 ) ( Arm wrestler )
Ion Oncescu (born April 25, 1978 in Bucharest) is a professional Romanian armwrestler, a multiple time world and European champion for both the left and the right hand.
4. Jae-Doo Yuh ( age: 70 )
Jae-Doo Yuh is a former boxer from South Korea.
5. James G. Mitchell ( age: 75 ) ( Canadian computer scientist )
James "Jim" Mitchell Ph.D. (born April 25, 1943), is a Canadian computer scientist. He has worked on programming language design and implementation, interactive programming systems, dynamic interpretation and compilation, document preparation systems
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