Some Birthdays
1. Mikirō Sasaki ( age: 70 ) ( Japanese poet, lecturer and travel writer )
Mikirō Sasaki (佐々木幹郎), also Mikio Sasaki, (b. 20 October 1947) is a Japanese poet and travel author, winner of the 2003 Yomiuri Prize for travel essays. Sasaki won the award for his book Ajia kaidō kikō: umi wa toshi de aru (A Travel Journal of the A
2. Orlando Silvestri ( age: 45 )
Orlando Silvestri is a professional footballer from R. Francs Borains.
3. Paul C. Pieper ( age: 45 ) ( Guitarist, Composer )
Paul C. Pieper (born October 20, 1972) is an American guitarist and composer, known primarily for his work as a jazz musician.
Paul Stephen McKenna (born 20 October 1977) is an English footballer who plays for Nottingham Forest as a midfielder.
5. Paula Oliveira case ( age: 35 ) ( Lawyer )
"Paula Oliveira" redirects here. Not to be confused with the Brazilian actress Paola Oliveira. The Paula Oliveira case refers to the claim made by Paula Oliveira Ventura, a Brazilian citizen resident in Switzerland, that she was stabbed by neo-Nazi s
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