Some Birthdays
1. Agustín Gajate ( age: 60 )
José Agustín Gajate Vidriales is a former Spanish footballer, in the central defender position. Not a skilled player (he was nicknamed Zapatones), Gajate excelled in man-marking, and played for Real Sociedad's first team for 15 years.
Ahir Vikrambhai Arjanbhai Madam (born 23 March 1958) is a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. He represents the Jamnagar constituency of Gujarat and is a member of the Indian National Congress.
Alejandro González is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for Sporting Cristal. He has played for teams in his native Uruguay as well as in Mexico and Peru.
4. Alejandro Naif ( age: 45 )
Alejandro Naif is a naturalized Palestinian former footballer. Naif has played club football in Argentina, Honduras, Chile and Colombia as well as playing for the Palestine national football team.
5. Alessandro Scanziani ( age: 65 )
Alessandro Scanziani (born March 23, 1953 in Verano Brianza) is an Italian professional football coach and a former player. He began his career at Meda before spending a season at Livorno. Three seasons at Como followed, in which he won promotion to
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