Some Birthdays
1. José Alvarado Nieves ( age: 55 )
Brazo de Plata redirects here. For the Spanish viceroy of Mexico and Peru known by that nickname, see Melchor Portocarrero y Lasso de la Vega, 3rd conde de Monclova. Jose Alvarado NievesFile:BrazoDePlata. JPGBrazo de Plata during a CMLL eventRing nam
2. José Montiel ( age: 30 )
José Arnulfo Montiel Núñez (born 19 March 1988 in Asunción) is a Paraguayan football midfielder. He currently plays for Tigre in Argentina, on loan from the Italian club Reggina. At a very young age, Montiel started his career in his hometown team Ol
3. José Oliveira de Souza ( age: 40 )
José Oliveira de Souza (born March 19, 1978 in Pedra Branca), known in Brazil as Gerry, is a Brazilian football striker, who currently plays for Alianza in the Salvadoran Professional Football League.
4. Josephine Schlanke ( age: 30 )
Josephine Schlanke is a German football defender. She currently plays for 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam.
5. Karleigh Osborne ( age: 30 )
Karleigh Anthony Jonathan Osborne (born 19 March 1988 in Southall) is an English footballer currently playing for Brentford. Osborne plays principally at centre-back, though he is also a capable right-back. He made his debut against Hull in May 2005
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