Some Birthdays
1. Kevin Dobson ( age: 75 ) ( Actor )
Kevin Patrick Dobson (born March 18, 1943) is an American film and television actor of Irish descent, who is primarily known for his roles on television. His most prominent roles were as Lt. Theo Kojak's trusted partner, Det. Bobby Crocker on the
2. Kirk Watson ( age: 60 )
Kirk Watson (born March 18, 1958) is a Texas attorney and Democratic politician from Austin. He served as Austin mayor from 1997 to 2001. He ran unsuccessfully for Texas Attorney General in the 2002 election, defeated by the Republican Greg Abbott. I
3. Lawrence Joseph DeNardis ( age: 80 ) ( Chairman, Institute for New Democracies )
Lawrence Joseph (Larry) DeNardis (b. March 18, 1938) is a former U.S. Congressman and university president.
4. Leonard L. Northrup Jr. ( age: 100 )
Leonard "Lynn" L. Northrup Jr. (born March 18, 1918 in Houston, Texas) is a pioneer of the commercialization of solar thermal energy in the United States. Influenced by the work of Professor John Yellott, Dr. Maria Telkes and Harry Tabor, Northrup
5. Lossémy Karaboué ( age: 30 )
Lossémy Karaboué (born March 18, 1988 in Paris) is a French footballer currently playing for French side CS Sedan Ardennes. He is originally from Burkina Faso.
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