Penn Quakers men s soccer coaches




Some Birthdays
1. Nikita Eskov ( age: 35 ) ( Racing cyclist )
Nikita Eskov is a Russian professional racing cyclist for UCI ProTeam Team Katusha.
2. Nikki Fuller ( age: 50 ) ( Bodybuilder, Actress )
Nikki Fuller (born 23 January 1968) is an American professional female bodybuilder and actress. At her largest, Fuller weighed 200 lb (91 kg) and her biceps measured 18 in (457 mm). Some of her best lifts include 275 lb (125 kg) for 10 reps on bench
3. Pavlo Lazarenko ( age: 65 ) ( Ukrainian politician, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, criminal )
Pavlo Ivanovych Lazarenko is a former Ukrainian politician and former Prime Minister who, in August 2006, was convicted and sentenced to prison in the United States for money laundering, wire fraud and extortion. According to the official count by Un
4. Peter Howey ( age: 60 )
Peter Howey is a former professional footballer, who played for Huddersfield Town & Frickley Athletic.
5. Petr Korda ( age: 50 )
Petr Korda (born 23 January 1968) is a former professional tennis player from the Czech Republic. He is best known for winning the Australian Open in 1998 and for becoming the first well-known player to be suspended for ingesting a banned substance s
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