Some Birthdays
1. Juan B. Gutiérrez ( age: 45 ) ( Novelist )
Juan Bernardo Gutiérrez (born March 17, 1973) is a Colombian author who resides in the United States, known primarily for his theoretical and practical contributions in the field of hypertext fiction.
Juan Carlos de la Barrera is a young Mexican football player who currently plays in club Indios. He is considered one of the best full back of Clausura 2009; his style and skills are very good and he is prospected for playing in the future in Mexico&
3. Julia Winter ( age: 25 ) ( Actress, Singer )
Julia Winter (born 17 March 1993 in Stockholm) is a Swedish-born English child actress.
4. Juraj Chupač ( age: 30 )
Juraj Chupač (born March 17, 1988) is a Slovak football central defender who currently plays for the Slovak Corgoň Liga club MŠK Žilina and the Slovakia national under-21 football team.
5. Kayo Matsuo ( age: 75 ) ( Actress )
is a Japanese actress. She retired from acting following the Kobe earthquake.
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