Some Birthdays
1. Gordon Connell (actor) ( age: 95 )
Gordon Connell (born March 19, 1923) is an American musical theatre and television actor. Born as William Gordon Connell in Berkeley, California, Gordon married Jane Sperry Bennett, also a native of Berkeley. He and his wife began their career by per
2. Hamudi Brick ( age: 40 )
Hamudi Brick is an Israeli footballer currently plying his trade at Ahva Arraba F.C..
3. Henry Morgentaler ( age: 95 ) ( Doctor, activist )
Henry Morgentaler, CM is a Canadian physician and prominent pro choice advocate who has fought numerous legal battles for that cause.
4. Ivar Hippe ( age: 65 ) ( Political consulting )
Ivar Hippe (19 March 1953) is a Norwegian political consultant and former journalist and presenter. He received national media attention in 1982, when he was expelled from Argentina by the government. Upon returning to Norway, he started working for
5. Jake White ( age: 55 )
Jake White (born 19 March 1963 in Johannesburg as Jacob Westerduin) is a rugby union coach and former coach of the South Africa national rugby union team, the Springboks. His most notable achievements as coach include leading the Springboks to victor
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