Some Birthdays
1. James Grout ( age: 90 )
James Grout (born 22 October 1927) is an English actor of radio and television. Grout was born in London, the son of Beatrice Anne and William Grout. He attended RADA where he trained to be an actor. His radio appearances include Barliman Butterbur i
2. James Sinclair (footballer) ( age: 30 ) ( Professional footballer )
James Alexander Sinclair (born 22 October 1987 in Newcastle upon Tyne) is an English footballer who played in the Football League and the UEFA Cup for Bolton Wanderers. As a schoolboy, Sinclair was both a promising athlete – he came second in the Eng
3. JD Moller ( age: 35 )
JD Moller (born 22 October 1982 in Carnavon) is a South African rugby union footballer.
4. Jeff Goldblum ( age: 65 ) ( Actor )
Jeffrey Lynn "Jeff" Goldblum (born October 22, 1952) is an American actor. His career began in the mid-1970s and since then he has appeared in major box-office successes including Jurassic Park (two films), Independence Day, and The Fly. From 2009 to
5. Joan Fontaine ( age: 100 ) ( Actress )
Joan Fontaine (born October 22, 1917) is a British American actress. She is the younger sister of actress Olivia de Havilland, also an Academy Award winner. Along with Luise Rainer, Maureen O'Hara, Deanna Durbin and Olivia de Havilland, Fontaine
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