Some Birthdays
1. Mari Yaguchi ( age: 35 ) ( Singer, actress, television host )
is a Japanese pop artist and former member of Hello! Project. She is a former member of Morning Musume and Tanpopo, one of its first sub groups, and also founded Minimoni. She later became the leader of both Morning Musume Sakuragumi and ZYX.
2. Mark Ryden ( age: 55 )
Mark Ryden (born January 20, 1963) is an American painter.
3. Mauricio Pastrana ( age: 45 )
Mauricio Antonio Pastrana Tapi, more commonly known as Mauricio Pastrana, is a Colombian professional boxer who fights in the super bantamweight division.
4. Melissa Rivers ( age: 50 ) ( Television personality; host )
Melissa Joan Rivers (born January 20, 1968) is an American television host and the daughter of Joan Rivers.
5. Michael Hennet Sotomayor ( age: 35 ) ( Singer )
Michael "Mikel" Hennet Sotomayor (born 20 January 1983) is a member of the boyband D'NASH. He is known simply as Mikel and is the romantic of the band, as well as the child of the group. Mikel studied audio-visual communications in the United Kin
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