Some Birthdays
1. Francisco Vallejo Pons ( age: 35 )
Francisco Vallejo Pons is a chess Grandmaster from Spain. He was a chess prodigy, achieving the grandmaster title at the age of 16 years and 9 months, which makes him the 20th youngest player to ever become a grandmaster. He won the under-18 World Ch
2. François Zahoui ( age: 55 )
François Zahoui (born 21 August 1962 in Treichville) is former footballer from Ivory Coast, currently serving as the coach of the Ivory Coast national football team. François Zahoui, l'itinéraire d'un enfant du pays==References== Profile
3. Gautam Radhakrishna Desiraju ( age: 65 ) ( Indian chemist )
Gautam Radhakrishna Desiraju (born August 21, 1952) is an Indian chemist who works in the Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Till recently he was in the School of Chemistry, University of Hyderaba
4. Glenn Hughes ( age: 65 ) ( Musician, singer-songwriter, producer )
Glenn Hughes is a bassist and vocalist well-known as the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath during the mid 1980s, as well as playing bass and performing vocals for the Mk. III and IV line-ups of Deep Purple, besides his solo work.
5. Greg Kasavin ( age: 40 )
Gregory A. Kasavin (born 21 August 1977 in Moscow) is the former site director and executive editor at the gaming website GameSpot. He attended University of California, Berkeley, where he considered becoming an English professor. Prior to working at
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