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Some Birthdays
1. Eamonn Dolan ( age: 50 )
Eamonn Dolan is an Irish-English ex-professional footballer, now working as a coach. Dolan played as a striker, beginning his career with West Ham, before moving on to Birmingham City and then Exeter City. Dolan joined Exeter in 1991, and this marked
2. Edison Joseph ( age: 30 )
Edison Joseph is a Nigerian football player. He plays as a midfielder. He used to play for Shaanxi Neo-China Chanba F.C. of the Chinese Super League in 2009.
3. Edmond Novicki ( age: 105 )
Edmond Novicki (born 20 September 1912, date of death unknown) was a Polish-born French football player who played with RC Lens, US Valenciennes, SC Fives and Olympique Lillois, as well as the French national team. He was of Polish descent.
4. Eero Korte ( age: 30 )
Eero Korte (born September 20, 1987) is a Finnish football midfielder currently playing for FC Lahti in the Finnish Premier Division. He's often been called "the next Jari Litmanen" by Finnish football experts due to his phenomenal technique, but
5. Elkin Murillo ( age: 40 )
Elkin Antonio Murillo Amor (born 20 September 1977) is a Colombian football striker. Murillo has made 28 appearances for the Colombia national football team, including two matches at the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup.
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