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Some Birthdays
1. Bailey Chase ( age: 45 ) ( Actor )
Bailey Chase (born Bailey Chase Luetgert on May 1, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois) is a stage and television actor known for his role as Butch Ada in the television series "Saving Grace", his recurring roles as Graham Miller in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, C
António Alberto Bastos Pimparel, aka Beto (born 1 May 1982 in Lisbon), is a Portuguese footballer who plays for F.C. Porto in the Portuguese first division, as a goalkeeper.
3. Brian Binley ( age: 75 ) ( Company Director )
Brian Arthur Roland Binley (born 1 May 1942) is a British Conservative politician, and the Member of Parliament for Northampton South.
4. Carlos Cardoen ( age: 75 ) ( Chilean metallurgical engineer and weapons scientist )
Carlos Remigio Cardoen Cornejo, is a Chilean metallurgical engineer and weapons scientist. He is also a chemical-weapon businessman who ran FAMAE in the late 1980s. He allegedly illegally sold zirconium supplemented armaments to Iraq under the Saddam
5. Choi Min-soo ( age: 55 ) ( Actor )
Choi Min-soo (born May 1, 1962) is a South Korean actor known for the "tough guy" image.
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