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Some Birthdays
1. Bob Parr (producer) ( age: 60 ) ( TV producer, Private security contractor )
Robert Michael "Bob" Parr (born June 25, 1957) is an Emmy Award-winning English-born New Zealander, television personality, private security contractor, counter-terrorism expert and former UK Special Forces operator best known for his role as Team Le
2. Brayan López ( age: 30 )
Brayan Styven López Yepes (born on June 25, 1987 in Medellín) is a Colombian footballer who plays goalkeeper for Independiente Medellín in the Copa Mustang. Agile and fast goalie with good one on one skills.
3. Carlos Delgado ( age: 45 )
Carlos Juan Delgado Hernández (born June 25, 1972) is a Puerto Rican baseball player for the Boston Red Sox organization. With 473 home runs and 1,512 RBI, he holds the all-time home run and RBI records among Puerto Rican players. During his 11 years
4. Cécile Cassel ( age: 35 ) ( Actress )
Cécile Cassel or Cécile Crochon (born June 25, 1982) is a French actress. She is the half-sister of Vincent Cassel and Mathias Cassel the leader of Rockin' Squat and the daughter of Jean-Pierre Cassel.
5. Cyrille Watier ( age: 45 )
Cyrille Watier (born June 25, 1972 in Lorient) is a former French professional football player. Watier is the Stade Malherbe Caen's top goalscorer with 61 goals in all competitions between 1999 and 2005.
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