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Some Birthdays
Ian Kennedy is a UK artist who worked initially for D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd, then later for Amalgamated Press
Ian Mortimer is a British historian. He was educated at Eastbourne College, the University of Exeter (BA, PhD) and University College London (MA). Between 1993 and 2003 he worked for several major research institutions, including the Royal Commission
3. Ibrahim Shema ( age: 65 )
Ibrahim Shehu Shema is a Nigerian lawyer and politician who was elected Governor of the northern Katsina State during the 2007 general elections.
4. Jo Beverley ( age: 70 ) ( Novelist )
Jo Beverley, née Mary Josephine Dunn is a prolific British-Canadian writer of popular historical romance novels. Her works are regarded as well researched, filled with historical details and peopled by communities of interlinked characters, stretchin
5. Johnette Napolitano ( age: 60 ) ( Musician, Songwriter )
Johnette Napolitano (b. September 22, 1957, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California) is an American singer, songwriter and bassist best known as the lead vocalist/songwriter and bassist for the alternative rock group Concrete Blonde.
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