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Some Birthdays
1. Jae-Doo Yuh ( age: 70 )
Jae-Doo Yuh is a former boxer from South Korea.
2. James G. Mitchell ( age: 75 ) ( Canadian computer scientist )
James "Jim" Mitchell Ph.D. (born April 25, 1943), is a Canadian computer scientist. He has worked on programming language design and implementation, interactive programming systems, dynamic interpretation and compilation, document preparation systems
3. James Sheppard ( age: 30 )
James Sheppard is a Canadian ice hockey player, currently playing for the Minnesota Wild in the NHL.
4. Jean-Jacques Cassiman ( age: 75 ) ( Genetics researcher and professor )
Jean-Jacques Cassiman (Brussels, 25 April 1943) is a Belgian researcher and professor of human genetics.
5. Jesús María Lacruz ( age: 40 )
Jesús María Lacruz Gómez is a Spanish footballer who plays for Real Unión, as a versatile defender.
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