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Some Birthdays
1. Naoya Tsukahara ( age: 40 )
Naoya Tsukahara is a Japanese artistic gymnast and Olympic Gold Medalist. He was the son of the former Japanese gymnast, Mitsuo Tsukahara, who was also a multi Gold Medalist in Olympic Games. He competed throughout the late 1990s was still competing
Pablo Caballero full name Pablo Leonardo Caballero Cáceres (born 25 June 1972 in Asunción) is a Paraguayan footballer. He plays for Boca Unidos.
3. Pasi Häkkinen ( age: 40 )
Pasi Häkkinen is a Finnish ice hockey goaltender, he currently plays for Hockey Club Bolzano-Bozen.
4. Patricia Brake ( age: 75 )
Patricia Ann Brake is an English TV actress who first came to attention playing Ingrid Fletcher the daughter of Norman Stanley Fletcher in the award-winning BBC sitcom Porridge. She also appeared in the same role in the spin-off Going Straight. She s
5. Paul Ryczek ( age: 65 )
Paul Andrew Ryczek (born June 25, 1952 in Painesville, Ohio) The son of Stanley J. Ryczek (1921-1986) and Helen Gorman Ryczek (1928-2004). He was an American football offensive lineman in the National Football League for the Atlanta Falcons, the New
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