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Some Birthdays
1. Johnny Ford ( age: 75 )
Johnny L. Ford (born August 23, 1942, in Midway, Alabama) is an American politician and former mayor of Tuskegee, Alabama, and an Alabama State Representative. He was raised as a child and attended elementary school in Tuskegee. He is a graduate of T
2. Jon Woods ( age: 40 ) ( Politician )
Jon Woods is an Arkansas legislator and musician. He is currently the bassist in Fayetteville rock band, A Good Fight.
3. Josip Projić ( age: 30 )
Josip Projić is a Serbian professional football player. Currently, he plays for FK Napredak Kruševac.
4. Jozef Gašpar ( age: 40 )
Jozef Gašpar (born 23 August 1977) is a former Slovak football player.
5. Kirby Dick ( age: 65 ) ( film director, producer, screenwriter, editor )
Kirby Dick (born August 23, 1952) is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and editor. He is best known for directing documentary films. He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature for directing Twist of Faith (2
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