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Some Birthdays
1. Gail Emms ( age: 40 ) ( Retired English badminton player )
Gail Elizabeth Emms MBE is a retired English badminton player who has achieved international success in doubles tournaments. Her best results were winning gold at the 2006 World Championships in Madrid, 2004 European Championships in Geneva, and a si
2. George Phillies ( age: 70 ) ( Physics Professor )
George Phillies (born 23 July 1947) is a Libertarian Party activist and professor of physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He resides in Worcester, Massachusetts. Phillies was the Libertarian Party candidate for Massachusetts' Third Congres
3. Gerald Wallace ( age: 35 )
Gerald Jermaine Wallace (born July 23, 1982) is an American professional basketball forward for the Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA.
4. Gökhan Ünal ( age: 35 )
Gökhan Ünal (born 23 July 1982) is a Turkish professional football player. He was the top goal scorer in the Turkcell Super League 2005/06 season, having scored 25 goals in a single season. He is currently playing for Fenerbahçe.
5. Gunnar Lund ( age: 70 )
Nils Gunnar Wiggo Lund, born 23 July 1947. Swedish diplomat and politician. Married to Kari Lotsberg. Three children: Gustav (born 1984) Harald (1987) and Ingrid (1990). Gunnar Lund did his military service as an interpreter in Uppsala and was educat
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