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Some Birthdays
1. Martin Wilk ( age: 95 )
Martin Bradbury Wilk, OC (born 18 December 1922) is a Canadian statistician, academic, and the former Chief Statistician of Canada. In 1965, together with Samuel Shapiro, he developed the Shapiro-Wilk test which can indicate whether a sample of numbe
2. Max Blumenthal ( age: 40 ) ( Journalist, Columnist, Documentary filmmaker )
Max Blumenthal (born 1977) is an American liberal investigative journalist, columnist, documentary filmmaker, and political blogger. His work has been featured on The Nation, The American Prospect, Washington Monthly, Al Jazeera English, Alternet, Th
3. Michelle Green ( age: 35 )
Michelle Emma Green (born 18 December 1982) is a footballer who plays for the Welsh national team and Bristol Academy. Green plays as a central midfielder and has accumulated a half-century of caps for Wales.
4. Miguel Palanca ( age: 30 )
Miguel Palanca Fernández is a Spanish footballer who plays for Elche CF, mainly as a right winger - he can also play as a forward.
5. Miki Ando ( age: 30 ) ( Figure Skater )
Miki Ando (安藤 美姫), born December 18, 1987, is a Japanese figure skater. She is the 2007 World Champion, the 2004 & 2005 Japanese National Champion and the 2004 World Junior Champion. Ando is the first and only female skater to complete a quadrupl
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