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Some Birthdays
1. David Campese ( age: 55 )
David Ian Campese (b. 21 October 1962, Queanbeyan, New South Wales), also known as Campo, was an Australian rugby union player. Former Australian rugby coach, Alan Jones, said of Campese, "He's probably done one or two bad things and 15 good thin
2. David Clayton Rogers ( age: 40 ) ( Actor )
David Rogers or known as David Clayton Rogers now is an American film producer, writer and actor. He has co-starred in films such as Sublime (2007), Dark Ride and Skylight, which he also wrote. Rogers has acted in television shows such as NY-LON, Gho
3. Davide Zomer ( age: 40 ) ( footballer )
Davide Zomer (born 21 October 1977) is a footballer who plays for Südtirol (as of 2009-10 season).
4. Diego Jourdan ( age: 40 )
Diego Jourdan is a Uruguayan comic book artist and illustrator, residing in Santiago de Chile, Chile, and specializing in licensed properties.
5. Dragoje Leković ( age: 50 )
Dragoje Leković is a retired Serbian footballer, who played as a goalkeeper.
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