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Some Birthdays
1. Mauricio Vincello ( age: 40 )
Mauricio Vincello is an Argentine former football defender.
2. Melissa Fumero ( age: 35 ) ( Actress )
Melissa Fumero (born Melissa Gallo on August 19, 1982, in Lyndhurst, New Jersey) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Adriana Cramer on One Life to Live and for her small role as Zoe on Gossip Girl.
3. Michal Doležal ( age: 40 )
Michal Doležal (born 19 August 1977 in Teplice) is a Czech football midfielder formerly playing for FK Teplice in the Czech Republic. Doležal usually plays on the far right side of the field specializing in crosses into the penalty area.
4. Michal Škvarka ( age: 25 )
Michal Škvarka (born 19 August 1992) is a Slovak footballer, who plays for MŠK Žilina in the Corgoň Liga.
5. Nandana Sen ( age: 50 )
Nandana Sen, also known as Nandana Dev Sen, is an Indian actress.
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