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Some Birthdays
1. Brett Findlay ( age: 45 )
Brett Findlay (born 30 May 1972) is a British film and stage actor. Trained at the Drama Studio London. Married to Jemilah Findlay nee Litvinoff, granddaughter of Cherry Marshall and Emanuel Litvinoff. They have one daughter, Akiko. Cameo in Beyond t
2. Buddy Joe Hooker ( age: 75 )
Buddy Joe Hooker (born May 30, 1942) is a Hollywood actor, Second unit director, Stunt man and Stunt coordinator. He is most famous for his expertise in designing and performing vehicle stunts for movies and television. His film credits show involvem
3. Clint Walker ( age: 90 )
Norman Eugene Walker, known as Clint Walker (born May 30, 1927), is an American actor best known for his cowboy role as "Cheyenne Bodie" in the TV Western series, Cheyenne. Walker was born in Hartford, Illinois; he was a twin, and is of one-quarter C
4. Cristian Bucchi ( age: 40 )
Cristian Bucchi (born 30 May 1977) is an Italian football striker who currently plays for Napoli.
Daniel Miller (born May 30, 1942) is an American Republican politician from the state of Florida. He represented the state and its 13th district in the House of Representatives for ten years. After he vacated his House seat, Katherine Harris was elec
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