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Some Birthdays
1. Abel Thermeus ( age: 35 )
Abel Thermeus (born 19 January 1983) is a Haitian football (soccer) player, who is a striker. He last was with Debreceni VSC.
2. Adam Hrehoresin ( age: 35 )
Adam Hrehoresin (born 19 January 1983) is an Australian football (soccer) player, who is goalkeeper for Hume City in the Victorian Premier League.
3. Aleksandrs Cauņa ( age: 30 )
Aleksandrs Cauņa (born 19 January 1988) is a Latvian football. He plays for Skonto. He is a midfielder and has also played for Olimps Riga as well as a short loan spell at English side Watford. He is also plays for the Latvia national team. Cauņa is
4. Alexey Vorobyov ( age: 30 ) ( Singer, actor )
Alexey Vladimirovich Vorobyov is a Russian singer and actor. He performs both in Russian and English. He competed in the Russian selection to Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with the song New Russian Kalinka. In 2009 he competed again, with the song Ang
5. Allen Steele ( age: 60 ) ( Novelist, short story author, essayist, journalist )
Allen Mulherin Steele, Jr. (born January 19, 1958) is an American science fiction author. Steele began publishing short stories in 1988. His early novels formed a future history beginning with Orbital Decay and continuing through Labyrinth of Night.
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