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Some Birthdays
1. Ibrahim Baldeh ( age: 30 )
Ibrahim Baldeh (born September 24, 1987 in Kabala, Sierra Leone) is a Canadian soccer player who plays for the Carabins.
2. Igor Protti ( age: 50 )
Igor Protti (born September 24, 1967 in Rimini) is a former Italian footballer. He was a prolific, penalty box striker who became a legend at Livorno. Like his successor as captain and as chief goalscorer, Cristiano Lucarelli, his personality prevent
3. Ilkka Lipsanen ( age: 75 ) ( Finnish singer )
Ilkka Johannes Lipsanen (born September 24, 1942, Pori), also known as Danny or Johnny Hallyday of Finland, is a Finnish singer and guitarist. He started his career with the band Islanders who released a couple of singles, among them Danny's firs
4. Jack Sock ( age: 25 )
Jack Sock (born September 24, 1992) is a junior American tennis player. His highest ATP singles ranking is 644, which he reached on July 26, 2010. His career high in doubles is 901, which he reached on August 23, 2010. Sock was the junior champion at
5. Jean Carlo Witte ( age: 40 )
Jean Carlo Witte is a Brazilian football (soccer) defender. He played for Santos and Brazilian U-20 team at 1997 FIFA World Youth Championship.
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