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Some Birthdays
1. Mary Stävin ( age: 60 )
Mary Ann-Catrin Stävin (born 20 August 1957) is a Swedish actress, model, and a former Miss World. She was born in Örebro, Sweden. Among her most prominent acting roles are bit parts in two James Bond films. In Octopussy she plays an Octopussy girl,
2. Masaru Kurotsu ( age: 35 )
is a Japanese football player currently playing for Kawasaki Frontale.
3. Matej Delač ( age: 25 )
Matej Delač (born 20 August 1992 in Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje) is a Croatian footballer who is currently signed as a goalkeeper for Barclays Premier League club Chelsea, currently on loan at Vitesse.
4. Mayra Verónica ( age: 40 ) ( Model )
Mayra Verónica, is a Cuban-born, American-raised model and singer who acquired her fame in the United States. Verónica's role on Univision's Don Francisco Presenta brought her to the attention of FHM magazine's US edition. After appearing
5. Meghan Ory ( age: 35 ) ( Actress )
Meghan Ory (born August 20, 1982) is a Canadian television and film actress.
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