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Some Birthdays
1. Neto Berola ( age: 30 )
Sosthenes José Santos Salles better known for his nickname, Neto Berola (born November 18, 1987 in Itabuna), is a Brazilian football striker. He currently plays for Atlético Mineiro.
2. Omar Larrosa ( age: 70 )
Omar Ruben Larrosa is a retired Argentine football and now Assistant Coach by Boca Juniors. He is perhaps most famous for having been part of the 1978 World Cup winning team.
3. Paul Turin ( age: 60 )
Paul Turin is a retired U.S. soccer goalkeeper who played professionally in the Major Indoor Soccer League and North American Soccer League.
4. Peter Beattie ( age: 65 )
Peter Douglas Beattie (born 18 November 1952), Australian politician, was the 36th Premier of the Australian state of Queensland for nine years and leader of the Australian Labor Party in that state for eleven and a half years. His sweeping victories
5. Peter Közle ( age: 50 )
Peter Közle (born November 18, 1967 in Trostberg) is a German football player currently playing for VfB Günnigfeld. |- |1988–89||Cercle Brugge K.S.V. ||First Division|||||||||||||||||||| |- |1989–90||BSC Young Boys||rowspan="4"|Nationalliga A||||||||
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