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Some Birthdays
1. James Michael Tyler ( age: 55 ) ( Actor )
James Michael Tyler (born 28 May 1962) is a US actor best known for his recurring role as Gunther on the NBC sitcom Friends.
2. James Tien (actor) ( age: 75 ) ( actor )
James Tien Chun (born May 28, 1942) is a Hong Kong actor from Guangdong, China. He appeared in almost 70 films, primarily in Hong Kong action cinema, including roles in the films of martial arts stars including Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.
3. Jason Kravits ( age: 50 )
Jason Kravits (born May 28, 1967) is an American actor. His film credits include The Stepford Wives and Sweet November. Kravits has served more often as a television guest star. He can be seen in episodes of shows such as Friends; Law & Order: Sp
4. Jocelyn Blanchard ( age: 45 )
Jocelyn Blanchard (born May 28, 1972, in Béthune) is a French footballer currently playing for Austria Kärnten.
5. Joseph Preston, Jr. ( age: 70 ) ( Businessman )
Joseph Preston Jr. is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 24th District and was elected in 1982.
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