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Some Birthdays
1. Brady Wiseman ( age: 60 )
Brady Wiseman is a Democratic Party member of the Montana House of Representatives, representing District 65 since 2004. He led the House in opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act as invasive of privacy and a threat to civil liberties, and has fought the
2. Brent Muscat ( age: 50 ) ( Musician, Guitarist )
Brent Muscat (born April 23, 1967, in Hollywood, California) is a guitarist who has played in various bands, including Faster Pussycat, Sin City Sinners, Donner Party, L.A. Guns, the Liberators, Bubble, Superficial/Sinthetics, Adler's Appetite, S
3. Brian Gant ( age: 65 )
Brian Reginald Gant (born April 23, 1952 in Vancouver) is a retired Canadian soccer player who spent nine seasons in the North American Soccer League and played fifteen games with the Canadian national team.
Carlos Eduardo "Cadu" Castro da Silva (born 23 April 1982) is a Brazilian football player. Cadu left UniĆ£o Leiria after the club relegation.
5. Cristian Zenoni ( age: 40 )
Cristian Zenoni is an Italian football defender who currently a free-agent. His twin brother Damiano Zenoni also is a professional player.
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