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Some Birthdays
1. Heather Wahlquist ( age: 40 ) ( Actress )
Heather Wahlquist (born May 23, 1977) is an American film and television actress. She is married to director/writer Nick Cassavetes and has appeared in several of his films.
2. Ilia Kulik ( age: 40 ) ( Russian figure skater )
Ilia Alexandrovich Kulik (is a Russian figure skater. He is the 1998 Olympic Champion, the 1995 European Champion, the 1997–1998 Grand Prix Final champion, and the 1995 World junior champion.
3. Imran Anwar ( age: 55 ) ( Journalist, Technologist )
Imran Anwar (born May 23, 1962 in Montgomery, Pakistan) is a Pakistani American technologist, electrical engineer, business entrepreneur, journalist, television personality, photographer and speaker. Imran Anwar founded the . pk internet email domain
4. Inal Getigezhev ( age: 30 )
Inal Arsenovich Getigezhev is a Russian professional footballer. Currently, he plays for FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod. He made his debut in the Russian Premier League in 2006 for FC Lokomotiv Moscow.
Ismail Ahmed Kadar Hassan (born May 23, 1987) is a Djiboutian-French footballer currently under contract for Slovakn side FK Dunajská Streda.
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