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Some Birthdays
1. Joaquim Conceição ( age: 75 )
Joaquim Adriano José Conceição (born 8 April 1942) is a former Portuguese footballer who played as a defender.
2. Joe Di Iorio ( age: 35 )
Joseph Anthony Di Iorio (born April 8, 1982 in Melbourne) is an Australian football (soccer) forward of Italian descent. He played from Dandenong Thunder, after not performing up to standard during the 2010 season and having work issues, both Joseph
3. Joel Reyes ( age: 45 )
Joel Antonio Reyes Zúñiga is an a Chilean football midfielder currently playing for Ñublense in Chillan in Chile.
4. John Fund ( age: 60 ) ( Commentator, columnist, author )
John Fund (born April 8, 1957) is an American political journalist and conservative columnist for the website of the Wall Street Journal. He also writes for the Journal's Political Diary newsletter and is a senior editor and columnist for The Ame
5. Juris Štāls ( age: 35 )
Juris Štāls is a Latvian ice-hockey player. He currently plays as right winger for the Quad City Mallards of the International Hockey League. He has also played in the Latvian national ice hockey team
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