Some Birthdays
Anthony Thompson (born April 8, 1967 in Terre Haute, Indiana) is a former professional American football running back and a current pastor at the Lighthouse Community Church in Bloomington, Indiana.
2. Arasen Ragaven ( age: 30 )
Arasen Ragaven is a football player who is currently a free agent and a Mauritius national football team midfielder. He is featured on the Mauritian national team in the official 2010 FIFA World Cup video game.
3. Ashley Lemince ( age: 30 )
Ashley Lemince (born April 8, 1987 in Mauritius) is a football player who currently plays for AS Port-Louis 2000 in the Mauritian Premier League and for the Mauritius national football team as a midfielder. He is featured on the Mauritian national te
4. Atanas Arshinkov ( age: 30 )
Atanas Arshinkov (born April 8, 1987) is a football goalkeeper from Bulgaria currently playing for Bansko 1951 in the West B PFG.
5. Bill O'Neal ( age: 75 ) ( Radio host )
John William O'Neal, known as Bill O'Neal (born April 8, 1942), is an American author who has written some thirty books and more than three hundred articles and book reviews on the American West, including gunfighters, lawmen, and ghost towns
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