People murdered by African-American organized crime


Some Birthdays
1. Dan Meyer (performer) ( age: 60 ) ( Corporate entertainer, author, inspirational/motivational speaker, performance artist, sword swallower, fire eater, juggler )
Dan Meyer (born April 7, 1957) is an American performance artist, corporate entertainer, inspirational/motivational speaker, and professional sword swallower best known for swallowing swords underwater in a tank of sharks and stingrays. Meyer is also
2. Dennis Hayden ( age: 65 )
Dennis Hayden (born April 7, 1952) is an American actor. He was one of five brothers and one sister born in Girard, Kansas on a pig and soybean farm. Early in life, he worked the summer wheat harvests and played football, becoming the number one tack
3. Eliseo Soriano ( age: 70 )
Eliseo Fernando "Bro. Eli" Soriano is a Filipino televangelist. He is the current Presiding Minister of the Philippines-based Christian organization Members Church of God International, colloquially known through its radio and television program Ang
4. Felix Halfon ( age: 45 )
Felix Halfon is a retired Israeli footballer. He now acts as the manager of Bnot HaSharon, a female football team in the first division in Israel.
5. Florian Schneider ( age: 70 ) ( Musician, vocalist )
Florian Schneider-Esleben is one of the founding members of electronic music band Kraftwerk. In November 2008, he left the band.
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