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UC Santa Barbara Gauchos men s soccer players


Alan Keely
Alfonso Motagalvan
Andy Iro


Bryan Byrne
Bryan Dominguez


David McGill (footballer)
Drew McAthy


Eric Avila


Ivan Becerra


Joe Cannon (soccer)


Memo Arzate
Michael Boxall


Nate Boyden
Neil Warren Jones


Rob Friend


Thiago Martins
Tino Nuñez
Tony Lochhead
Tyler Rosenlund
Some Birthdays
1. Ademir da Guia ( age: 75 )
Ademir da Guia (born 3 April 1942 in Rio de Janeiro) is a councilman for the city of São Paulo, Brazil. He was elected in 2004 for the legislative period 2005-2008. Before becoming a politician, he was a notable player for Palmeiras, a leading footba
2. Adriano Pereira da Silva ( age: 35 )
Adriano Pereira da Silva, known as Adriano Pereira (born 3 April 1982 in Salvador, Bahia) is a Brazilian football defender. He currently plays for Monaco. He was signed by Palermo from Grêmio in summer 2004, but just played one league match. 50% of A
3. Akira Komatsu ( age: 55 )
Akira Komatsu (born 3 April 1962) is a former Japanese football player.
4. Alen Avdić ( age: 40 )
Alen Avdić is a Bosnian international football player.
5. Alessandro Bastrini ( age: 30 )
Alessandro Bastrini (born 3 April 1987 in Domodossola) is an Italian footballer, a defender, currently playing for Salernitana, on loan from Sampdoria. He joined Sampdoria from Como on January 2006, and made his Serie A debut against A.S. Livorno Cal
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