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Some Birthdays
1. Darren Behcet ( age: 30 )
Darren Behcet (born 18 October 1986) is a professional football goalkeeper, currently playing for AFC Hornchurch. He started his career at West Ham United but after his release in 2006 joined Yeovil Town in the same week as manager Russell Slade. He
2. David Rozgonyi ( age: 40 )
David Rozgonyi (born in 1976 in Libya) is an American/Hungarian author and world traveler.
3. David Stephens ( age: 25 )
David Rhys R. Stephens (born 18 October 1991) is a footballer who plays for Hibernian as a defender.
4. Donald B. Elliott ( age: 85 )
Donald B. Elliott is a registered pharmacist and American politician of the Republican Party in the State of Maryland, currently serving his 6th term as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. He serves as the representative of Maryland legislat
5. Eduardo Angeloz ( age: 85 )
Eduardo César Angeloz (b. October 18, 1931) is an Argentine politician. He was a presidential candidate and Governor of Córdoba from December 11, 1983 to December 11, 1995. Angeloz was born in Río Tercero, Córdoba, and received a Law degree from the
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