Some Birthdays
1. Julia Hamari ( age: 75 ) ( Hungarian singer )
Julia Hamari, originally Hamari JĂșlia (born 21 November 1942 in Budapest), is an Hungarian mezzo-soprano and alto singer in opera and concert, appearing internationally. She is an academic voice teacher in Stuttgart.
2. Karthik Kumar ( age: 40 ) ( Actor )
Karthik Kumar (born 21 November 1977), is an actor in Kollywood, the Tamil film industry. Before his break into films, he was a prominent celebrity among theater actors. He is popularly known as 'Evam' Karthik, due to his theater connections.
3. Kelly Wearstler ( age: 50 )
Kelly Wearstler (born November 21, 1967 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) is an American interior designer known for being a judge on Top Design.. According to The New Yorker, she is "the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design. " (p. 60)
4. Kiki Carter ( age: 60 )
Kiki Carter born Kimberli Wilson (b. November 21, 1957 in Gainesville, Florida) is an environmental activist, organizer, musician, songwriter, and columnist.
5. Kodjo Afanou ( age: 40 )
Kodjo Afanou is a French football defender. He currently plays for Al Hazm in Saudi Arabia. He moved to France at a young age.
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